Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bravante Start

“Bravante VIII” Contract beginning

Dear colleagues!

Succumbing onto tempting promises of short contracts, higher wages and simple work, I decided to try my hands in the offshore industry. My next contract is expected on a platform supply vessel "Bravante VIII" with a dynamic positioning system DP2. Within the limits of a free time I'll write about the design features of this vessel, as well as about various aspects of its technical exploitation. I would be happy if these materials will be useful to you in your education or work!

Начало контракта на “Bravante VIII

Здравствуйте уважаемые коллеги!

Поддавшись заманчивым обещаниям коротких контрактов, высокой зарплаты и несложной работы я решил попробовать свои силы в оффшорной индустрии. Мой очередной контракт ожидается на оффшором судне снабженце "Bravante VIII"с системой динамического позиционирования DP2. По мере появления свободного времени я буду писать об особенностях конструкции данного судна, а также о различных аспектах его технической эксплуатации. Буду рад, если данные материалы будут полезны вам в учебе или работе!

Short List of the Offshore Marine Companies

Offshore sector:

·   Bourbon Offshore. Company offers a wide range of support services for the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas fields and wind farms, in deepwater offshore and continental offshore. It has more than 500 vessels (AHTS, PSV, FSIV, MPSV, ROV, Terminal & Salvation Tugs, Seismic Vessels) in operation, 29 operational affiliates, 12 000 employees in 50 countries, 15 Training Centers, 6 Repair Centers;
·   Tidewater Offshore. Company is the oldest and most experienced provider of the marine support services for this offshore industry. It has the largest fleet of PSV (300 vessels) in the industry, 90% of this fleet working internationally in more than 60 countries;
·   Edison Chouest Offshore. Company supports the majority of the Gulf of Mexico deepwater operations with its fleet of highly specialized new generation offshore service and supply vessels. It has over 200 vessels (PSV, AHTS, MPSV, OCV, FSIV, Terminal & Salvation Tugs, Seismic & Oil Spill Vessels) in operation;
·   VROON Offshore. Company with more than a century's experience which delivers reliable, high-quality and cost-effective services, based on traditional values and a proven track record. The organization has a professional shore-based staff of 400 and around 4,000 marine personnel worldwide. It has about 145 vessels (PSV, AHTS, Rescue Vessels, Sub-sea Support Vessels, Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance Vessels) in operation;
·   SEACOR Marine. Company offers a comprehensive suite of support services including crew transportation, platform supply, offshore accommodation, maintenance support, standby safety services and anchor handling and mooring capabilities in both shallow and deepwater environments. It has over 118 vessels (PSV, AHTS, FSIV, Standby Safety Vessels, Towing Supply Vessels, Specialty Vessels) in operation;
·   Gulfmark Offshore. Company is the largest operator of PSV Vessels in major energy-producing regions. The organization operates significant fleets in the high-growth markets of Southeast Asia and in the Americas, including the high-potential deepwater basins offshore Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. It has over 72 vessels (PSV, AHTS, FSIV) in operation;
·   Farstad Shipping. Company is a leading supply shipping company within our defined segment of large and more advanced offshore supply vessels. It has over 62 vessels (PSV, AHTS, Subsea Construction Vessels) in operation;
·   EMAS Offshore. Company offers a young, globally diverse, technologically advanced fleet of offshore support vessels. The organization is equipped with a fleet of modern DP subsea construction and installation vessels. It has over 50 vessels (PSV, AHTS, MPSV, Accommodation Vessels, Heavy-lift Barges, Pipe Layers, Cable Layers) in operation;
·   Deep Sea Supply. Company is a ship owner and operator of AHTS and PSV vessels. The organization has a worldwide operation, with particular focus on Brazil, North Sea, South East Asia and Africa. It has over 40 vessels (PSV, AHTS) in operation;
·   Solstad Offshore. Company offers advanced vessels all over the world, often under extreme weather conditions. It has over 50 vessels (PSV, AHTS, OCV, Heavy-lift Barges, Pipe Layers, Cable Layers) in operation;
·   BOA Marine Services. Company offers engineering, construction and contracting services related to fixed and floating offshore platforms and subsea field developments. It has over 30 vessels (OCV, AHTS, ROV, SBL, Terminal & Salvation Tugs, Barges) in operation;
·   Knutsen NYK Offshore. Company is the leading shuttle tanker operator in the world. The organization offers advanced shuttle tankers on long-term charters. It has about 29 vessels (Shuttle-tankers, FPSO) in operation;
·   Island Offshore. Company is a leading provider of high quality solutions for the offshore oil industry based on a fleet of advanced high quality service and subsea service vessels. It has over 28 vessels (PSV, AHTS, Subsea Construction Vessels, Light Well Intervention Vessels) in operation;
·   Eidesvik Offshore. Company is a 100% Norwegian group operating in the maritime transport, offshore logistics and environmental protection. It has over 26 vessels (PSV, Subsea Construction Vessels, Seismic Vessels) in operation;
·   GMS Offshore. Company is a largest provider of self-propelled, self-elevating accommodation jack-up barges in the Middle East, and one of the largest worldwide. It has about 13 vessels (Accommodation Vessels, Jack-up Barges, AHTS) in operation;
·   Bravante Offshore. Company is a 100% Brazilian group operating in the maritime transport, offshore logistics and environmental protection. The organization has its own shipyard, where it provides construction and repair services for its own fleet. It has about 9 vessels (PSV) in operation;
·   Allseas Offshore. Company is a global leader in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction. The organization employs over 2 500 people worldwide and operates a versatile fleet of specialized pipe lay and support vessels, designed and developed in-house. It has about 6 vessels (Pipe Layers, Subsea Construction Vessels) in operation.

Acronym list:

AHTS - Anchor handling tug supply; MPSV/PSV – Multirole platform supply vessel; DSV - Diving support vessel; SV - Survey vessel; FSIV - Fast support intervention vessel; MODU - Mobil offshore drilling unit; FPU - Floating production unit; FPDSO - Floating production, drilling, storage and offloading; FPSO - Floating production, storage and offloading; FPS - Floating production system; TLP - Tension leg platform; SBM/SPM - Single buoy/point mooring; CALM - Catenary anchored leg mooring; SALM - Single anchor leg mooring; SSCV - Semi submersible crane vessel; HLV - Heavy lift vessel; RTV - Rock dumping/trenching vessel; CLV/CLB- Cable laying vessel/barge; PLV/PLB - Pipe laying vessel/barge; SSAV - Semi submersible accommodation vessel; ROV - Remotely operated vehicle; AUV - Autonomous underwater vehicle; OCV/OCSV - Offshore construction/support vessel.

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